Leonidas House fund raiser Sunday April 19


Leonidas House rendering

Leonidas House rendering

That’s right, it is this Sunday from 1:30 PM till 4:40 PM at Leonidas House, the corner of Willow and Leonidas. Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased online. Can’t come? Buy a ticket anyway and help this very worthy cause. Here’s a link to a YouTube video that tells you a little about the project.

Event info:

Come join us for an afternoon of Jazz, Art and Community Building!

This is the first fundraiser for the Leonidas House Community Center, all proceeds will go toward the renovation of our historic building. Come be inspired by the beaded board walls and ceilings (as well as other architecturals) that we’ve uncovered thus far. You will be able to purchase artifacts from the building as well as unique “one of a kind” pieces of local art provided by United for Peace New Orleans. 

Mimosas and Hors d’Oeuvres. 

If you have questions, or would like to sponsor this event, or want to donate food, champagne, etc., please contact Tilman @ 504.237.9556 or tilmanhardy@kw.com 

Hope to see you there!


Urban Farming

Large scale commercial urban farming is about to begin in Detroit, a city with more vacant city blocks than Our Fair City even has.

The just announced proposal would use 70 acres on Detroit’s lower east side for the first venture, which would aim to grow fruits and vegetables.  While few details are available other information released by the developer/farmer, the Hantz Group, envisions plots with a variety of produce (even Christmas trees), windmills for electrical power and horse riding and hiking/running trails.  Many jobs would be created.


Difficult details include land assemblage and costs. 

Article links: Detroit Free Press, Detroit News

The blog I found this on in the first place:  Detroit Army

Maybe this is something that has potential here in the City of NO.  No?

Oak Street is open for business

Oak Street March 2009

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Even though it may not look like it.

The sidewalks are open, so please continue to support Oak Street merchants. So you have to park a little further away. So what? You probably need the exercise.