Carrollton bike tour Sunday

Dr. Blakelley, director of the Office of Recovery and Shelley Midura will attend.

Start Tour: 2:00 PM Sunday June 3, 07
Gather on top of the Levee at St. Charles and Carrollton before we proceed to the starting point.
Gather again at the Carrollton Monument located behind the fountain across from Cooter Browns.

2:05 PM: Bike downriver on St. Charles, one block to Short St.,
At Short, turn Right into the “Black Pearl” neighborhood.
From Short, turn Left on Pearl for two blocks.
From Pearl, left onto Burdette,
On Burdette, cross St. Charles and go two blocks to Maple.
Left on Maple for 3 blocks,
On Maple, cross Carrollton Ave. Go one block to Dublin,
On Maple go west one block to Dante, turn right on Dante for one block.
From Dante and Burthe turn left, go one block,
Right onto Cambronne, view St Joan of Arc School.
Continue north on Cambronne to Oak St., turn left on Oak.
From Oak, right onto Eagle, view portions of Pigeon Town.
From Eagle, right on Willow, view the Street Car Barn at Willow and Dublin.
Continue on Willow, cross Carrollton, turn left on Carrollton.
From Carrollton, turn right onto Birch.
Left onto Adams from Birch
Left onto Hickory from Adams, continue on Hickory and cross Carrollton Ave
Continue on Hickory to Leonidas.
Right on Leonidas to Claiborne (cross Claiborne)
Right turn onto Apple from Leonidas
Right turn onto Carrollton from Apple

Finish: Carrollton to Claiborne (Palmer Park)


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