Book fair to benefit Priestley School

Att.: Students, Parents, Faculty and Staff, Board Members, and Friends of
Priestley School of Construction and Architecture
Barnes & Noble Book Fair
March 23-29
Please save the last week of March for a major book buying frenzy. There will be a book fair at Barnes & Noble Book Sellers, 3721 Veterans Blvd., during the week of March 23-29. Any book, food, coffee, or gift you buy during this week can benefit Priestley because a B & N will donate a percentage of the sale to Priestley.
In addition, there will be a table set up with books we would like to add to our library collection. You can purchase these for the library and still earn a percentage for the school besides donating the book. If you do this, please sign the front flyleaf, “To Priestley from ____________.” You may include a message if you would like.
We will distribute vouchers to the students the week before the sale. These are not necessary at the Veterans store as long as you tell the clerk at checkout that you are buying it for Priestly, but are necessary if you are purchasing something at another store.
If sales exceed $2,000.00, we get a higher percentage so please start your summer reading list, or get that book you have always wanted!


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