Excessive noise

I just called the police to report an extremely noisy street party on Dante, next to the streetcar barn.  I am 3 blocks away and I find it to be extremely irritating, to say the least.  I find that I cannot concentrate on anything, except my irritation.  It sounds like a live shouting dj and a metallic drum machine.  There are people all over the street.  I frankly felt afraid to confront the people in person about the noise.  Sad.

This is the first time I have reported excessive noise in the neighborhood–but it is hardly the first time it has occurred.  Many Sunday afternoons, for some reason, I can hear similar extremely loud rap or hip-hop noise coming from many blocks away, for hours.  I am amazed people living closer don’t complain.  Having loud music in a club is one thing–there is an appropriate time and place for this–but this isn’t it.

I realize that there is a cultural element to my irritation.  I’m white and in my 50s.  I don’t like rap.  I don’t like excessive noise in my neighborhood of any kind.  But I would also be irritated by rock or R&B that was this loud.   I find it rude and totally disrespectful.   Much as I find the idiots (white and black) who drive around with usually filthy rap music blaring so loud it shakes other cars and buildings.

So, am I too thin-skinned?  Should I “respect” the others’ need for this kind of “music”?  Or do you agree?  If you do, call the police when you are as iritated as I am.  Maybe if enough people call they will actually respond.  I doubt if they will tonight.