The word is: Chickens

What do I hear more talk about at backyard parties this summer? Not house prices or crime.

Chickens. (And the heat, of course.)

Urban chicken ranching is a growing phenomenon all over the US, apparently.  And it’s not always a popular idea with the neighbors. See this video from Salem, OR. 

I hear we can have up to 3 chickens, but no roosters, here in our fair city.


6 Responses

  1. i hear the chickens are running wild in the 9th ward.

  2. We have a ton of chicken farmers in New Orleans and neighborhood. Orleans reverts to state law that states you can have up to 4 chickens per person per household. It does not specify “no roosters” but noone who lives in the city would, respectfully, have roosters as a courtesy to their neighbors. Roosters would likely create a problem and aggarvate neighbors.

    On second thought, with the high rate of deafening and culture degrading hip-hop and people screaming F%#* on the street, the crow of a rooster might not be such a big deal to some. Best to just ask the neighbors ahead of time.

  3. We are allowed 12 hens in Waitakere City in Auckland , NZ. There are more backyard chicken keepers in the world, than there has been since world war two.

  4. one of the first stories i heard when i moved
    to new orleans from alabama was of david
    gontar and tom fiehrer going out and shooting
    some rooster whose crowing was an annoyance–
    i miss the crow of roosters and i say
    lets bring them back!

  5. Thanks for the great video, Charles

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