Renovator’s Happy Hour this Thursday in our neighborhood

Thursday, June 23

Renovators’ Happy Hour goes to Carrollton

Visit the charming home of Camilla Franklin and Jason Scott who were among the first on their block in Carrollton to renovate. This ongoing renovation of a circa 1900 Eastlake 3-Bay Shotgun features a design studio, small pool and garden in the rear. The striking kitchen features dark inset cabinetry made by Mr. Scott a professional carpenter. Ms. Franklin, a textile designer and textile sales representative, designed the stained glass inserts of the cabinetry. Updates to the home include an open shower design and camelback addition.


8826 Willow

Refreshments provided.

5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

$5 for PRC members or $7 for non-members

For more information: 504.636.3399 or



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