Proposed New Orleans Public School Master Plan update from Betty DiMarco

2011 School Master Plan revisions

I am attaching for everyone’s information a notice of the first city wide meeting of the “Proposed School Facility Master Plan” meeting this Sat. at Xavier University.
There will be additional meetings in each school board district. We are District 6; the District 6 meeting is July 18, from 6 to 8 at Watson Memorial, 4400 St. Charles Ave.
Also, attached is the proposed School Facilities Master Plan document. The document indicates that the Priestly site on Leonidas will not be renovated as called for in the original School Facilities Master Plan. Priestly was being renovated in order to move the current Johnson Elementary school to that site. No reason for this has been given for this change.
Under the proposed master plan, Johnson Elementary School will stay in the same location and be renovated. The cost of renovating Johnson in the proposed plan is listed at $16,000,000; the cost of renovating Priestly in the original plan was $23,000,000.
I want to say upfront that I, and several other CRNA neighbors, want to see Priestly renovated for Johnson Elementary to move in. Wanda Brooks, current principal at Johnson, is in agreement.
If anyone in the CRNA community is interested, please call (589-7721) or email me.
The final vote by OPSB and BESE will be August 16 and Aug. 18.

So we don’t have much time to organize if we have objections to the plan.

Betty DiMarco


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