When will we start using NeighborLinKs?


This is when

This could be the creative opportunity we’ve waited for.

A small group from our neighborhood would like to assemble a number of imaginative folks to discuss unique ideas and initiatives that would ideally be part of “Carrollton: 2020.” This group would pursue the idea of “growing Carrollton” in the belief that the time is right for a neighborhood community to take responsibility for its own destiny in new and creative ways.

As well, it is felt if a neighborhood can develop a genuinely exciting and highly creative plan for its own “transformational growth” in life quality and sustainability, the attention and support of necessary organizations and individuals to make it happen will seamlessly appear.

By new and creative ways is meant, for instance, organizing a totally transparent, for-profit neighborhood business corporation that develops and sponsors entrepreneurial enterprises whose profits are devoted to neighborhood development, and perhaps even a cash bonus for community residents someday.

But that’s just part of it: In fact this small group wants to set up a larger group that develops strategies for complex, comprehensive development of all aspects of neighborhood life – education, security, job creation, housing, child and elder care, recreation and (community based) commercial services – all without losing even a tiny bit of the charm and character that has taken over a hundred years to build and makes us what we are.


What is a NeighborLinK?

NeighborLinK                                                                                           Carrollton: 2020

Toward a Vision, Strategy and Plan Introduction

The 21st Century will evolve and change relentlessly. The world of 2020, for instance, will be very different. And with growth in technology will come social change. Knowing this, it makes sense to understand and participate in the evolution of our own community – in other words, guide the change we all wish to see.This may be a golden opportunity. But a key effort should take place first: organization of a neighborhood communication network.Our group, CRNA, has selected to call this network, NeighborLinK. It’s a way to provide information and get feedback – from everyone in the neighborhood – rapidly and efficiently.If you would be willing to help create NeighborLinK, and help communicate ideas the neighborhood can agree upon, your help is needed.Please provide your name, address and phone number / email, or both.
For more information about how together we can construct a Vision, Strategy and plan, information can be found at http://www.crna-Nola.org

UPDATE: Orleans Parish School Board/Recovery School District Meeting this Wednesday

The meeting is at Langston Hughes Academy, 3519 Trafalgar St., November 16, Wed., at 6:30


There was an article on nola.com last Thursday on where RSD schools will be located and the Johnson/Priestly school was on the list with a “to be decided” designation.



Barry Brantley, Secretary


1914 South Carrollton Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70118

1-877-328-6038 Toll free

504-866-3855 Phone

504-866-3853 Fax

Facebook Link from Neighborhood Member to address Crime

I created a FaceBook page to document things I am doing.

“Crime cameras for Carrollton, New Orleans”
If you are interested, “like” my page to get involved.

Cynthia M. DuBois, Professional Organizer
New Orleans, Louisiana
(504) 865.0085

October CRNA Minutes


November CRNA Board Meeting

Please join us for this month’s meeting to be held on Thursday, November 10th, at Squeal Bar-B-Q, at 7 pm. Attached is an agenda for the meeting.