What is a NeighborLinK?

NeighborLinK                                                                                           Carrollton: 2020

Toward a Vision, Strategy and Plan Introduction

The 21st Century will evolve and change relentlessly. The world of 2020, for instance, will be very different. And with growth in technology will come social change. Knowing this, it makes sense to understand and participate in the evolution of our own community – in other words, guide the change we all wish to see.This may be a golden opportunity. But a key effort should take place first: organization of a neighborhood communication network.Our group, CRNA, has selected to call this network, NeighborLinK. It’s a way to provide information and get feedback – from everyone in the neighborhood – rapidly and efficiently.If you would be willing to help create NeighborLinK, and help communicate ideas the neighborhood can agree upon, your help is needed.Please provide your name, address and phone number / email, or both.
For more information about how together we can construct a Vision, Strategy and plan, information can be found at http://www.crna-Nola.org


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  1. Where do we provide contact information? I’m not comfortable posting it in public.

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