Carrollton Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes


FEBRUARY 27, 2012

(13) Neighbors gathered to discuss creating a Neighborhood Watch and the best communication methods to bring more people in to the program. We reviewed the structure of the program designed by NOPD, including Area Coordinators, Block Captains & Block watchers.

We reviewed a print out of a crime map of Carrollton during February from web site

Some neighbors find out about crime now with subscriptions to NOLAREADY thru city system. Attendees reported previous neighborhood watch groups were set up near Palmer Park and thru Carrollton United.

The question of whether a “block” will be defined at corner-to-corner or a square block will be decided in future meetings.

It’s necessary to establish interest from more neighbors to make the program successful. Ways to encourage interest included soliciting restaurants to be involved since their employees work “off” hours, contact neighbors by phone to invite them to participate & hand out flyers informing them of the program. Neighbors agreed to liaison with overlapping neighborhood groups, including Palmer Park, Pensiontown, Carrollton United, Maple Area, Oak Street MRPO & Central Carrollton.
Flyers (ATTACHED) will be passed out to neighbors, posted in Nix Library, coffee shops and Arts Market @ Palmer Park (with permission).

RE: 911 reports, group shared knowledge that using the right “vocabulary” with operators can result in better response from NOPD. This topic will be raised when NOPD Crime Prevention Officers train neighbors.

Home installation of cameras was discussed as a way to help fight crime. NOPD has an officer who specializes in home cameras. Project NOLA has acquired funding to place cameras in high-crime areas.

Suggestion to communicate petty crimes among neighbors is important since the NOPD doesn’t necessarily keep data on thefts of small value. Email group could fill in this gap.

Next meeting will be Monday, MARCH 26 @ 6:15PM at Stuart Hall School


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