Call for CRNA Board Candidates

CRNA is accepting nominations for the position of CRNA Board member. Several positions are open, and elections will be held at CRNA’s general meeting, scheduled for May 9, 2013. The term of office is two years, and begins on July 1, 2013.

The Board has authority over the affairs of CRNA, and its duties include
• Determining and implementing major strategies of the Association that improve and promote quality of life;
• Forming committees to address specific matters of concern to the Association, and selecting committee heads;
• Creating transparent interactions with the membership;
• Sharing pertinent information about the neighborhood with the membership;
• Forming liaisons with other neighborhood organizations, nonprofits, neighborhood schools, local businesses, and the city government; and,
• Managing the public relations of the Association.

Regular Board meetings occur once a month. Board members often volunteer to serve on committees, which might meet at various times in between regular Board meetings.

If you are a regular or associate member of CRNA and are interested in being a candidate for an open position on the Board, or if you know someone whom you would like to see be a candidate, please let us know by contacting Board member Rick Wilkof, at by no later than May 1, 2013.


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