Call for Evacuteer Volunteers

We are a non-profit agency that aids and enhances the City Assisted Evacuation (CAE) – a free, citywide public evacuation option that was one of the major improvements in the post-Hurricane Katrina recovery of New Orleans. The CAE can accommodate the over 30,000 residents who lack the ability to evacuate in the event of a mandatory evacuation. has proposed a collaborative effort between the Arts Council of New Orleans and the Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness to commission 17 public art pieces, called EvacuSpots, to serve as visually-striking and memorable rallying points in case of an evacuation of New Orleans. These 14-foot tall EvacuSpots are currently being installed in your neighborhoods for your neighbors. It is our hope for community leaders and organizations, like yours, to embrace these EvacuSpots as your own. You know your neighbors better than we do and thus know how best to help them during an evacuation.
Becoming a volunteer is simple; we bring the 1.5 hour training to your facility at a time that is convenient and provide refreshments or volunteers can come to sessions at City Hall (click this link for dates and times: evacuteer training). Once trained, your team is prepared to lead and assist at Palmer Park EvacuSpot. We look forward to working with you to help keep our neighborhoods ready for this Hurricane Season.
Meredith Cherney
Community Outreach Specialist