Nominating Committee Report – Approved at CRNA General Membership Meeting 6/26/14

Byron Johnson, chair of the Nominating Committee submitted the
following slate of officers and board members:
1. Officers(Continuing second of two year terms)
Barry Brantley, President 2013-2015
Open, Vice President 2013-2015
Julianna Padgett, Secretary 2013-2015
Open, Treasurer 2013-2015
2. Board Members
Byron Johnson, 2013-2015
Betty DiMarco, 2013-2015
Jerry Speir, 2013-2015
Robert Larsen, 2014-2016
Gary Smith, 2013-2015
Drew Ward, 2013-2015
Brad Wilkins, 2014-2016
Rick Wilkof, 2014-2016
David Alvarez, 2014-2016
Nathan Schwam, 2014-2016


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