DATE and Time CHANGE – CRNA Monthly Board Mtg. Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017

Thursday, October 26th, 6PM (one hour earlier than normal)
Community Commitment – 8540 Spruce St.  x  Leonidas
The agenda is a follow-up to the recent board retreat – a presentation of plans in the various interest areas.  Please come with your ideas about how to move us forward for at least the next six months!!
  • Neighborhood Clean up – Cybele Gontar
  • Catch Basin Clean Up / Stormwater Management – Meagan Impasto
  • Police Relations – Corey Moll
  • Block Captains – David Zalkind and Nathan Schwam
  • Board Recruitment – David Zalkind and Nathan Schwam
  • Improvement District – David Alvarez
  • Comunications and Marketing – Corey Moll, Bill Ives, and Barry Brantley
  • Alternative sites (to reflect the focus of a meeting) – Julianna Padgett
  • Annual Meeting with Carrollton United – Julianna Padgett, Tammy Butler, and David Alvarez
  • Emergency Family Relief – Julianna Padgett, Andreas Hoffman
  • Housing – for now we will support Betty DiMarco’s efforts rather start another project



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