Letter to City Council Utilities Committee Regarding Energy Gas Plant

Below is the text of the letter (apologies for any formatting irregularities) followed by a link to download a PDF copy of the letter and a link to the video of the recent NO City Council’s Utilities Committee Meeting.

June 16, 2018

TO:      The Honorable Joseph Giarusso

The Honorable Jay Banks

The Honorable Helena Moreno

FROM: Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association

Dear Councilman Giarusso, Councilman Banks, and Councilwoman Moreno:

Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association (CRNA) wishes to express our deep opposition to the March 8thvote approving the Entergy Gas Plant by the former City Council. We request that new steps be taken.  Our opposition is based on two major reasons:

  • Despite repeated requests from the Council over several years, Entergy refused over and over again to provide a spectrum of options for power generation, has failed to prioritize energy efficiency and has failed to invest in our fixing our poor distribution system.There is sufficient evidence that, with energy conservation measures, renewable sources, and an upgraded distribution grid, we do not need this plant, especially for its stated need of a backup power source.
  • With the subsequent revelation of what appears to be “unfair play” on the part of Entergy, we are also concerned that the Council violated open meeting laws and was influenced by individuals or organizations who received money from Entergy, while not allowing many concerned citizens opposing the plant to be present or to speak.

For both of these reasons, CRNA continues to be concerned that the New Orleans City Council, as regulators of the utility, accepted Entergy’s proposal for a very expensive and unneeded plant that will be on the shoulders of New Orleans citizens for 30 years.

We are happy that an investigation is underway to clearly understand Entergy’s actions in interfering with public participation, their spending that shaped public opinion and their political influence on the process.

But this is not enough.  In order to regain the public’s trust, our City Council must act to remedy the deficiencies of its decision-making process, and ensure the integrity of the public process on major utility decisions. Specifically, we urge this Council

  1. To institute a stop work order on any construction by Entergy until the investigation is finalized, particularly because Entergy has not received all permits or filed any safety plans
  2. To suspend the March 8thapproval and reopen this proceeding
  3. To demonstrate a renewed commitment to requiring Entergy to supply the spectrum of options and related costs, including not just the power plant proposal.
  4. To weigh these options carefully, conducting its Utility regulation with a prioritization of and with best advisement about sustainable and clean energy.

As our newly elected representatives and regulators of our utility, and also as members of the new Smart and Sustainable Cities committee, we ask that you put New Orleans on a stronger path towards clean energy. Please lead us, like many municipalities across the country and the globe, away from fossil fuels and towards sustainable and renewable energy sources, in conjunction with energy efficiency projects and programs.

The citizens of New Orleans should not be forced to give away this ‘great deal for Entergy’ when it is such a poor deal for the ratepayers – and when so many other options are available to solve our energy needs.

Most sincerely,


Julianna D. Padgett, President

Carrollton Riverbend Neighborhood Association


Bill Ives, Vice President

Meagan Impasato, Secretary

Nathan Schwam, Treasurer

David Alvarez

Tammy Butler

Cybele Gontar

Corey Moll

Drew Ward

 CRNA Letter Entergy 6.18.2018

Link to Utilities Cmte. Meeting (you may have to copy and paste the URL into your browser):  http://cityofno.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=3&clip_id=2985


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