CRNA Monthly Meeting Thurs, Sept 13, 6:30PM

CRNA Monthly Meeting

Thursday, September 13, 2018, 6:30 PM

8600 Oak Street


6:30     CALL TO ORDER                                                         

  • ROLL CALL – Welcome
  • Approval of Minutes
  • Financial Report 

6:40   Guest Presentations – not confirmed

6:40 Councilman Giarusso / Ashley Spears

6:50 Sam Gordon, Office of Neigh’d Engagement

6:55     Board Business

6:55 Night Out Against Crime

7:00 Lycee Safety Committee /Clean Up

7:15 Housing NOLA

7:30 Other Issues : Entergy Smart Program, Annual Joint Mtg with CU, Voter Registration Drive

7:45 New Board Members

8:00  Adjournment

2018 CRNA meetings:

Oct 11, Nov 8, Dec 13


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