CRNA Monthly Minutes – 01.14.2021


CRNA Board: Bill Ives, Elaine Leyda, Julianna Padgett, Melissa Lilly, Nathan Schwam, Tammy Butler

Residents: Sabine Winters, Joyce Thomas, Kelly Maggiore

Others: Councilman Joe Giarrusso, Claire Byun (Dist. A), Stephen Mosgrove (Mayors Neighborhood Engagement Office), Brandon Muetzel, Energy Smart

The meeting was opened at 6:35.

Financial Report and Minutes: Nathan Schwam reported that CRNA has $3520.62 in the account. The minutes were accepted. 

Acceptance of Motions. Bill made a motion to accept motions by the majority of members present. Julianna seconded. All voted to support this motion, therefore not requiring a majority of board members.

City Councilperson Joe Giarusso.

  • Covid-19 vaccines available for adults at Children’s Hospital. 
  • Property Taxes should be certified by the State soon and online by Friday, Jan 15th; with expected extension of payment deadline.
  • Doubles to Dormitories – Joe is thinking though a multi prong approach with enforcement as well as design overlay+parking restrictions which has worked pretty well under the IZD. He wants to provide a motion to CPC in February.  Can only extend IZD for six months.  He will present at the CAN meeting at the end of the month.
  • Council rejected Folgers tax exemption request.
  • CM Banks, new chair of criminal justice will host joint meeting with community development committees to discuss crime. In our area, Captain Walls is targeting 8 people – two around the neighborhood have been arrested. Others are out of town or in another part of the city.
  • Council did not take up former the resolution re: multifamily home. Giarusso is proposing that, if a site can be proven to be a former MFH, then they can skip the conditional use process and can include an expansion of footprint which would go straight to Safety and Permits with possible NPP or notice to neighbors.

Brandon Muetzel, Energy Wise does outreach for Entergy Smart Program

Energy Smart Program is 11 years old, administered by Entergy, rate payer funded program to incentivize energy efficiency.  Lots of money every year.  Important programs:

  • Home Performance with Energy Star (free energy assessment w/ free lightbulbs, thermostats) and discount energy upgrades;
  • Income Qualified Weatherization – must be at or below 200% poverty guideline – rentors or owners (air and duct sealing, AC tuneup, attic insulation plus free energy resources as above)
  • Rebates for new appliances up to $50-$400.
  • Small and large commercial sections that offer efficiency resources to business.

Question: State incentive for solar panels no longer exists. 30% Federal subsidy.

Julianna, Report on HANO-IRIS and D2Ds.

  • The City received a letter from State Historic Preservation Office (SHP)) on December 4 stating that the current IRIS plans will have adverse impact on our historic district.  Betty Dimarco contacted Yvette Hester, director of HANO, asking for a meeting. Ms. Hester replied saying IRIS is responding to SHPO’s concerns. Betty has asked that we work together with HANO/IRIS to create the new design. Our hope that out of this comes a collaborative process with neighbors to lessen the adversarial challenges we have faced in the last year.
  • D2Ds – A strong organized effort monitoring D2D developments continues. Recent 60 second ad informing the public and asking for violations to be reported. See

Stephen Mosgrove, Neighborhood Engagement Office

  • Community Office Hours have resumed at MidCity Library, Mon-Wed 10:30-5:00 PM / Under COVD, requires appointment.
  • Police Community Advisory Board. (P-CAB) Please make an application to join. Citizen-led meetings to discuss police policy. Different from NON-PAC where they discuss crime as is.
  • Tax bills will be online by tomorrow, Friday, Jan 15th.
  • COVID-19: see for: a) meals continue – call 311; b) free testing locations c) vaccines – Phase 1.B.1 – prioritizing most vulnerable. Note that University Hospital is offering vaccines.
  • $90M of losses in City’s budget. Hoping for some support from Federal relief packages.
  • Post meeting: Stephen confirmed that NOPD continues work in the Leonidas/Green St/Monroe area with neighbors seeing increased police presence.

Elaine Leyda, President – CRNA in 2021

  • Street Renaming Commission. Urges everyone to look at Renaming Commission’s website and preliminary report/suggestions for street renaming.
  • Oversize Trucks. Project. Please report violation of trucks:  illegal parking, hitting trees, not following truck routes, etc.
  • CAN. Elaine will be the Carrollton Area Network (CAN) representative. Bill offered to be a backup.
  • Walkability. Elaine met with Paul Barricos, Phyllis Jordan, Janel Hazlett to talk about walkability of Carrollton: more crosswalks, speed limit signs, access to levee, etc.
  • Trash Clean-Up. Would like to do a Trash Clean-Up, maybe along Carrollton in February or March
  • Glass Recycling. Resume Glass Recycling on 2nd Saturday, for 1.5 hours in a more central location.
  • Street Repairs and Contracts. Plans to look at how contracts are created and managed. Doesn’t seem to have good scheduling or good coordination between city agencies. Not very transparent. If you have a complaint about the repairs, send Elaine an email.
  • Social Media. Elaine is “fiddling” with CRNA’s Facebook page, WordPress page with the possibility that we’ll move to MailChimp eventually.
  • Gardening. Wants to get people interested in certified native plant gardening
  • Next meeting: Aimee Freeman, State Rep and Dawn Massey, RoadWorksNOLA, will be at our February meeting.

Other Announcements:

Joyce Thomas has an interest in having our neighborhood engage more with Together New Orleans.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00PM.