Noise at SWB Carrollton plant

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The noise is from the EMDs. SWB adds generators for backup power. I hear it loud and clear and I’m up on Dublin near Birch, so I know that it’s much, much louder for people closer to the plant. To me, it sounds like frantic desperation, really, a struggling system. And it also sounds like a space sci-fi creature.

From 2/16: “Today we’re prepping for upcoming wet weather by testing our EMDs. We know the noise is an inconvenience for neighbors around the Carrollton Plant. We appreciate your patience & understanding while we continue to work to improve our system.”

From 2/14: “To our neighbors near the Carrollton Water Plant, over the next few days, there will be work taking place on equipment at the plant. Residents may notice increased noise during this time. Additionally, looking ahead to the rain chances tomorrow, we anticipate running the EMDs. We appreciate your patience and understanding.”


Tues 23 Feb, 10:00 am: City Council UCTT & Public Works committees meeting re: severe winter weather

Council President Helena Moreno and District “A” Councilmember Joe Giarrusso announced that Council’s Utility, Cable, Telecommunications and Technology (UCTT) and Public Works, Sanitation and Environment Committees will meet on Tuesday, February 23, at 10 AM, to address the impact of this week’s severe winter weather event. Representatives from Entergy New Orleans (ENO) will be present to discuss recent outages in response to MISO Max Generation Emergency. Specifically, ENO will address how certain areas were selected for outages and recent reports that power was cut to Sewerage and Water Board (S&WB) drinking water intake pumps. S&WB representatives will also present on the impact of the weather event on the drainage system in addition to sharing their quarterly report with updates on ongoing billing issues.

WHAT: Joint UCTT and Public Works Committee meeting to address impacts stemming from the severe winter weather event
WHO: Members of the City Council’s UCTT and Public Works Committees with representatives from ENO and S&WB
WHEN: Tuesday, February 23, at 10 AM
WHERE: Virtual, watch live meeting coverage at

Register for Aimee Freeman’s 2/25 Town Hall

Here’s a link! 6:00, 25 Feb, via Zoom.

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