914 Dante St.

I urge everyone to go have a look at the lovely park-like side yard at 914 Dante St. This is what a real estate agent and the owner are trying to destroy, to create a narrow subdivision on which to build a house. There are matures trees (oak, magnolia, camphor, crepe myrtle), old winding brick pathways, and it is, quite frankly, a peaceful green space with no paving–just some benches, chairs, and a chicken coop. The side yard is part of the historic site of a two-story historic building that dates from the Civil War. The site and building are featured in Cangelosi’s New Orleans Architecture: Carrollton book. The building is a grandfathered-in non-conforming six-unit apartment building.

Last week, CRNA requested a public hearing from the CPC. No word back yet.


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