Neighborhoods of New Orleans lecture series starts this Wed. 5/5

This is a series of two-hour Zoom lectures, put on by the Friends of the Cabildo. General public sot is $60 for the series; FoC members pay $40.

Wednesdays | May 5th | 4-6 p.m. | Zoom Only

Speakers: Charles Chamberlain, Joyce Miller and Karen Leathem

Tickets: $60 for GA, $40 Member

Have you ever wondered why your neighborhood is shaped the way it is or how it got its name?

Friends of the Cabildo is proud to announce its annual Adult History Class: Neighborhoods of New Orleans. The five-session class will breakdown the neighborhoods of New Orleans from the French Quarter to Bayou St. John to Carrollton.

Historians Charles Chamberlain, Karen Leatham and Joyce Miller will lecture on these historic neighborhoods and tell the stories of their founding, the culture and the people. Beginning on Wednesday, May 5th at 4:00 p.m. via zoom the classes will be held for five consecutive Wednesdays.

Sign up here:


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