SWB: What is the status of T(urbine) 4 and why is there still so much noise?

5/21/21, Melissa asked, and Ghassan replied:

“Good morning Melissa,  T-4 is back on line however we are having a few issues with it and is not considered fully available (or reliable),  hence the need to continue to rely on T-1 until such time we are 100% confident of T4 reliability. Same goes for the EMD’s. We will need to run them every 12 hours for about 30 minutes or so to ensure they are warm and to ensure their availability when we need them. This is a learned and new practice based on recent experience having difficulty starting them cold.

As for the noise mitigation, we are committed to pursue efforts to mitigate the noise as best as possible. We are assessing available resources from the System’s funds to help pay for the implementation. As I committed to CM Giarrusso yesterday we will share timeline as soon as it is firmed up.  

Once again we apologize for the adverse impact this is causing you and the neighbors. We will keep you posted as things progress for the better.

Kind Regards,

Ghassan Korban, P.E.

Executive Director,

Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans


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