For dog owners: Spay/neuter or get an Intact Permit!

This has been in the City Code for a while, now, but Patricia asked me to share the info to be sure people know about it:

My name is Patricia Lovelady and I am with the Louisiana SPCA’s New Orleans Humane Law & Rescue. I am reaching out to you with information that may be of interest to you members of your neighborhood association. The City of New Orleans has a law that requires all dogs age 6-months and older be spayed/neutered or have a City Intact Permit.

While this law has been around since 2013, many pet owners are still unaware of its existence. The Louisiana SPCA is contracted to provide animal control for the City of New Orleans and is also responsible for enforcing Intact Permits. To help spread awareness about Intact Permits my hope is that you will share this information with you’ your neighborhood association members.

I am also available to speak to this topic at upcoming meetings or submit an article to be included in upcoming communication. More information about Intact Permits can be found on our website at