Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition Zoom mtg: 9 Aug, 6 pm

This group is behind the “Help Not Handcuffs” program, and is getting good traction. Remember, in a few months we can elect a new sheriff; these folks are no it! Invitation to their 9 Aug Zoom meeting is below the email copied below.

Your dedication to creating a more just and free New Orleans is paying off! Because of your hard work:

  • Our fight for ‘Help Not Handcuffs’ is becoming a reality. OPPRC’s Executive Director, Sade Dumas, was appointed to the task force charged with creating the non-police response unit our City desperately needs.
  • City Council passed a measure pushing the City Planning Commission to further study the alternative retrofit plan instead of Phase III psychiatric jail expansion.
  • The City Council’s Criminal Justice Committee deferred voting on a resolution that would have potentially encouraged the City to soften its opposition to expanding the jail through the building of Phase III.

The fight’s not over yet, but your canvassing efforts, petitioning, and public comments are already changing the criminal legal system here in New Orleans. We hope to see you at our monthly meeting this Monday, August 9, at 6 p.m., where we’ll discuss our next steps in our fight to bring Help Not Handcuffs to our community as we work to stop Phase III psychiatric jail construction. This meeting is critical as we plan to organize around the August 24 City Planning Commission Meeting and share the following steps on the Orleans Sheriff Platform. Will you join us?

RSVP >>>> bit.ly/opprc-meets https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMpce-opjsjEt1C_VKQda1i7fI6YhWi8UBa?fbclid=IwAR1spM9sKXMzwrCaFB670d1l4HYElYYATDEZxUloZpbG027EvjXUgfj-mz8


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