Recycling is back in our area, hooray

Ms Linda at Richard’s has confirmed that recycling will resume this week (today is 11 Jan 2022) on our regular days. For CRNA area, that’s Fridays.

Trash is still once-a-week pickup. For most of us in the CRNA area, that’s Saturday. Richard’s can answer questions: 241-2142.


We’re back (almost)!!

It’s been a minute but we’ll be back for our regular meeting date, the second Thursday in February 2022. Stay tuned for the Zoom link and agenda, which will be out at least a week before the meeting.

This Saturday, 14 Jan 2022, the Board is having a “retreat” to talk about what we’re doing and have done and so on. We try to do this every year.

Meanwhile, please feel free to fill out a membership form and email it to!