Changes in CRNA

The last two years, we’ve done some fairly impressive actions; thank you to everyone for being so responsive. We truly do get more done when neighborhoods work together. Increasingly, we are seeing proposals that affect us city-wide, too.

Effective 30 September, I am stepping aside as CRNA president. I will continue on the Board (my term ends Dec 30, I decided in January not to renew it, so this is only ending a few months early). It’s time for me to attend more closely to personal matters, like my health (mental and physical!).

As of Oct 1, I will no longer be the point-person or primary contact who assesses and distributes emails, organizes meetings, sets up and distributes agendas, and etc. BUT, I WILL continue to focus on zoning, land use, CPC, and S&P, which are my primary interests.

Other Board members will take responsibility for the areas of their own interests. The Board should hammer this out at our next meeting.

Starting on 1 October, I will forward the emails that I get as follows:

  • SWB: Ariane Livaudais
  • Juvenile justice, affordable housing, education: Betty Dimarco
  • Entergy, renewable energy, tree planting, Community Lighthouse: Julianna Padgett
  • Land use, zoning, CPC, S&P: Elaine Leyda

Cheers, and thanks for all the good work we’ve done!



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