Recent improvement district developments

In the continuing evolution of discussions about security and/or improvement districts, our CRNA board voted unanimously last night to:
1. support a single district with the same boundaries as CRNA (Claiborne to the river and Carrollton to the parish line)
2. support an IMPROVEMENT district within those boundaries, rather than simply a security district. (Security districts are generally limited to spending their resources on security; an improvement district can spend its resources on anything that serves the ‘overall betterment’ of the community, including security
3. support a governing board for the district made of 3 representatives from CRNA, 3 from Palmer Park, 3 from Pensiontown, 1 from Oak St. Assn., 1 from Riverbend merchants, and the 4 appointees by elected officials.
4. support naming the district the ‘West Carrollton Improvement District’ –to avoid confusion with, or the appearance of any bias toward, any of the participating organizations.