CRRA Board meeting minutes – August

August 13, 2007

Attending–Board:  Annette Bak, Marilyn Barbera,  Kevin Brown , Marshall Hevron,  Julianna Padgett, Amanda Smithson, Llewelyn Soniat, Jerry Speir, Jim Stratton, Evan Wolf

Residents:  Lyn Adams, Pax Bobrow, Fr. Anthony Bozeman, Amy Jenkins, Joseph Kane, Anne Nicolay,

Guests:   Dylan Tete, Enrico Sterling (Councilwoman Midura’s office)

Enrico Sterling, Director of Constituent Services for Councilwoman Midura, spoke briefly about tax assessment and millage rollback issues; he noted that the Council has unanimously committed to doing everything in their power to roll back millages to assure the least possible tax increases in line with the principle of re-assessing all properties on a market-value basis.  He noted that the Council is not the only body with a say in the final outcome and that the final millage rate would likely not be known until December.  Tax bills are due in January.

Dylan Tete, a local developer, addressed his activities, in collaboration with a local coalition, to challenge the liquor license of the Bus Stop Lounge at Hickory and Leonidas.  There will be a hearing on Tuesday, August 21 before the Alcohol  Beverage Control Board, in the City Council chambers; he will advise us of the exact time.  He requests support from the Board.

Lyn Adams reported on her activities to attract a more favorable business to the old Eckerd’s site at the Riverbend (after the Zoning/Planning Committee declined to endorse a liquor permit for a Mellow Mushroom franchise at that location.)  She is talking to potential small grocers and looking at the feasibility of mixed vendors there (e.g., a small bakery outlet, small fish vendor, small vegetable vendor, etc. – sort of a permanent farmer’s market).  She is open to any and all ideas and assistance and can be reached at

Annette Bak reported that Priestley School has 170 students for the fall (hoping for 200; but up from 40 at this time last year) and will now be housed at St. Henry’s on Magazine until the modular buildings are installed at the Leonidas site.  That could take a full year, but they hope not.  Priestley will have an information table at our Palmer Park picnic/meeting on Saturday.

Jerry Speir reported on grants available through the Recovery School District to neighborhood associations and religious groups to deter truancy and to help provide greater security at the schools.  Johnson School is the only RSD school in our neighborhood.  Kevin Brown noted that these programs have worked in other cities to re-institute “local control of the schools.”  Jerry suggested another committee meeting soon to consider possibilities.  Lyn Adams and Julianna Padgett  volunteered for the committee, along with Kevin Brown, Pax Bobrow, Annette Bak, Jerry Speir, Jean Fischer, Cindy Morse, and Betty DiMarco.  (We’re happy to have anyone’s involvement who’s interested.).  Amanda Smithson noted that she has experience setting up after-school programs for Save the Children and that she could help.

In a discussion of the Treasury and finances, Jerry Speir suggested the following dues structure, which the group approved:  Dues are voluntary, with the following levels suggested:

$10 – individual
$20 – family/household
$50 – supporting member
$100 – sustaining member

Evan Wolf volunteered to create a membership form before the Palmer Park gathering.  Marshall Hevron called for all Board members to pay dues in support of the organization’s funding.

Amanda Smithson reviewed plans for the Annual Meeting/Picnic in Palmer Park, next Saturday, August 18, 4:00 – 7:30.  Everyone is asked to bring a dish to share.  Chairs and ice chests with whatever you want to drink would also be appropriate.  Volunteers are also needed for set-up, manning tables during the event (to sign up members, explain committees, etc.) and to clean-up afterwards.  To volunteer, contact Amanda at   Set-up helpers should arrive at least by 3:30.  Julianna Padgett agreed to contact Phoenix Recycling about providing recycling bins.

Neighborhood Crime Patrol:  Chad Gilman, who got the patrol started, is leaving the city and needs someone to take over administration of the patrol.  Bob and Mary Perkins and Evan Wolf have offered assistance.   Chad has suggested that CRRA make the patrol an official activity of the association.  The Board felt it needed more information before taking that step.  Evan, Bob and Mary, and Marilyn Barbera will work with Chad on continuing the operation and bring that issue back before the board at our next meeting.  Marshall Hevron wondered if automatic credit card billing could be set up, to simplify the task of collecting monies.  Anybody have any experience with that?

In the crime discussion, it was pointed out that we also need someone to go to the monthly NONPAC meetings (New Orleans Neighborhood Policing Anti-Crime Council).  Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at Touro Hospital.  Pax Bobrow expressed possible interest.  Anyone else?

Jerry Speir reported that the City Planning Commission is working on a non-conforming use report to convert the old exterminator operation at 1900 Carrollton to a coffee shop.  He also noted that Jazmine Café at Carrollton and St. Charles has requested a liquor license and that the Zoning Committee will meet with them to discuss it.  Discussion ensued about parking problems in that area, loitering at the daiquiri shop across the street, etc.  Marshall volunteered to contact the Public Belt Railroad about parking possibilities/limitations associated with their property.

The group also agreed to support  the Northwest Carrollton Association in their call for attention to permit problems associated with the Daiquiri Island on Earhard Blvd, and to support the Maple Area Residents, Inc. (MARI) in their call for Bruno’s to live up to their commitment to convert the old Bruno’s to a restaurant and to close it by 11 p.m. each evening.

Next Meeting:  Monday, September 10, 7:30 (place to be confirmed)—unless the Saints are playing on Monday Night Football.


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  1. I dropped a check off for Sgt. Young at a Dublin Street address back in March 2007 for neighborhood security to include my home on Oak Street and never heard or saw anything about again. I am very interested in this patrol and need to know who to speak to about continuing and furthering this effort. Thanks, R

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