Be on guard – attempted car-jacking on Cambronne

The 2nd District reports the following:

On September 11th at or about 10:45 pm, the victim pulled into the
driveway of her residence, located in the 1100 block of Cambronne
Street. As she was getting out of the vehicle, she was approached by a
black male who demanded her car keys. She refused the suspects demands.
The suspect then struck the victim in the head and again demanded her
keys. She again refused. After being hit again, the victim began to
fight back. A neighbor heard the commotion and went to her aid.
Observing the neighbor coming towards him, the suspect fled the scene on
foot. Nothing was stolen and the victim did not sustain any serious

The suspect is described as a 20-25 year old black male, 5’10”, 160
pounds, light complexion, short cropped hair, wearing plaid shorts and a
white t-shirt.

If you have any information on this case, please contact Sgt. Chris
Cambiotti or Det. Brian Baye at 658-6022 or 658-6020. You may also call
Crimestoppers anonymously at 822-1111.

This situation is sad in so many ways. Perps like this never learned how to live among civilized beings. Their human potential is wasted. Some of the rest of us become vicitms, paranoids or vigilantes, or we stick our heads in the sand, resulting in more lost potential and a narrow view of life.

But it also shows the power of neighbors helping neighbors.

All of us must keep in mind that there are predators living among us, and we must stay alert the the threats.

Is this another big negative in the “Why Are We Living Here?” scorecard? Yes and no. No one wants to live with crime. But a state of Constant Alertness can have benefits. While listening and watching for threats you might also notice other things you have taken for granted: mockingbords singing at night, the moon, a whiff of a night-blooming flower. You might start to live life more fully.

Also-get to know your neighbor. You might need to help one another some day.


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