Greenlight New Orleans

Greenlight New Orleans is a non-profit with the mission to help reduce global warming by helping local residents replace their traditional incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). If enough people around the globe do this it will be a little speedbump on the road to more intense global warming. You can be a part of this movement–for free. And you’ll see some reduction in your Entergy bill.

The founder and moving force of Greenlight, Andi Hoffmann, lives in our neighborhood. He also leads a roots-rockband call the B-goes.

Monday is the kick-off for “Change a Light Week” and the first event is right here in zip code 70118.

If you’d like to know more go on over to the Greenlight website. You can sign up there to have your bulbs changed and/or to be a volunteer in the effort.


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  1. Please read my post here at wordpress on the bulbs…..they are a time bomb that could be more dangerous than the CO2.

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