Board meeting minutes 10/08/07

Attending–Board:  Annette Bak, Marilyn Barbera,  Gordon Cagnolatti, Betty DiMarco, Rudolph Garrison, Marshall Hevron,  Cindy Morse, Amanda Smithson, John Schackai, Llewelyn Soniat, Jerry Speir, Jim Stratton, Evan Wolf


Residents:  Pax Bobrow, Colby Johnson


Guests:   Wanda Brooks (principal of Johnson Elementary), Una Anderson (school board member, legislative candidate), Walker Hines (legislative candidate). 



Una Anderson and Walker Hines, candidates for the state legislature, made brief presentations concerning their candidacy and platforms.  Board member Evan Wolf, a candidate for the same seat, declined to address the board, saying that he had previously spoken to other board members individually.


Treasurer Cindy Morse reported an account balance of $1679.77.


Wanda Brooks, Principal of Johnson Elementary School, introduced herself and noted that CRRA Board members Cindy Morse and Kevin Brown have been invited to be on the school’s Leadership Team.  She reported that she is working on a grant proposal for a program to create more parental involvement at the school and is especially interested in identifying programs to involve the older boys at the school at times when school is not in session.  She appealed for the neighborhood’s assistance with getting the “moat” filled around the new playground equipment, and getting shelves built for storage. She is especially interested in having neighbors visit the school.  The school could also use a washer and dryer.


Pax Bobrow reported that the boxes for collecting General Mills coupons (worth 10 cents each) for school assistance are in place or will shortly be in place at the school as well as at Saltwater Grill, the Oak Street Café, and Castellon Pharmacy.  More information on this program to follow.


Pax also reported that Johnson School will get 20 tickets for its students to attend the upcoming appearance by J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, and that the school is seeking guest readers for the Harry Potter stories as part of preparing for the author’s visit.  Interested members should contact Pax directly at  The school is also in need of extra copies of the first of the Potter books, which they are using in third grade reading.


Annette Bak reported that Priestley School has applied for FEMA funding to renovate the Leonidas building but that not much is expected.  Una Anderson elaborated that the decision about the FEMA funds should be made soon and that, barring those funds, the school board might lease the property to the school.  Carrollton United was reported to be working on the possibility of raising funds to renovate the gymnasium at the school.


Evan Wolf led a discussion about the possibility of CRRA taking over the neighborhood patrol initiated by Chad Gilman.  Concerns were expressed about such issues as the limited hours and area that the patrol had been able to cover, the difficulty of collecting dues, the long hours that policemen are already working, and the consensus of the group was to table the idea unless and until and individual could be identified who would take on its administration.


Marshall Hevron reported for the Zoning Committee that the matter of the coffee shop at Carrollton and Cohn has been deferred until the City Council meeting of October 18.  He also reported on a proposal to create parking along part of Leake Avenue, between the street and the railroad tracks.  It was unanimously decided that CRRA’s position should be that “there should be no short or long term leasing of public property for parking without the knowledge and approval of the neighborhood associations most affected by it and until a comprehensive study for the Levee Park and Leake Ave area is completed.”  John Schackai recommended that the position should also state that parking there, given the new “park” zoning for that area appears to be outside the allowable uses of the Zoning Ordinance.  That amendment was approved unanimously.


Marilyn Barbera raised the issue of whether CRRA should join with the Palmer Park Association in its Halloween activities.  After some discussion, the consensus of the group was not to do so.


Amanda Smithson reported that the Events Committee has organized three small-scale trash pick-ups on Sunday mornings and working on planning a larger clean-up for a bit later in the fall.  She also reported that the Young Leadership Council, of which she is a member, is offering free assistance with college applications, etc. to high school seniors in the Recovery School District and is especially interested in assisting students who are the first in their families going to college.  Anyone who can direct qualified students to the project should contact Amanda directly at


NEXT MEETING:  Monday, November 5, 7:30 p.m., at Asian Cajun.


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