Carrollton Shopping Center Town Hall Meeting

The following just came to my attention via a forwarded email:

A Carrollton Shopping Center Town Hall Meeting has been scheduled for
May 8th@ 6PM in the City Council Chambers. An agenda will soon follow
this email.
It is not known whether the meeting will be broadcasted at this time.

I will be in touch with you once the agenda is finalized.

On another note, are there small tasks in your community that may be
addressed with a quick fix that the city may not be aware of?
If so, please
provide a list. It would be wise of our office to look to see if some small
scale projects, unlike the timeframe attached to a shopping center
development, may be implemented in the near term.


*K. Lavon Wright*

Target Area Manager

City of New Orleans

Office of Recovery & Development

Phone: (504) 658/8411

Fax:: (504) 658/8435