Burglary 8400 block Freret

Sunday night a house in the 8400 block of Freret was broken into. The burglar got into the locked fenced yard (through the neighbors side yard) and pried the iron gate off of the front door of the house. The car was in the driveway and lights were on inside. The burglar may have seen the occupant leave the house at about 9:15 PM. Another neighbor heard a noise around 9:30 went outside looked around and could not see anything and it appeared the neighbor was home. The view of the front door is slightly hidden by plants. They spotted a man sitting on a car on a cell phone down the block, now we believe it was likely a watch person for the burglar. The remains of a pizza in the frig were eaten and the box left on the floor.  Additional lights inside the house were turned on. The two story house was searched through for valuables.  The burglar left out the back door leaving it open.
Other neighbors have reported hearing doors being tried when they were home sleeping. Thank you for passing this along.