Excessive noise

I just called the police to report an extremely noisy street party on Dante, next to the streetcar barn.  I am 3 blocks away and I find it to be extremely irritating, to say the least.  I find that I cannot concentrate on anything, except my irritation.  It sounds like a live shouting dj and a metallic drum machine.  There are people all over the street.  I frankly felt afraid to confront the people in person about the noise.  Sad.

This is the first time I have reported excessive noise in the neighborhood–but it is hardly the first time it has occurred.  Many Sunday afternoons, for some reason, I can hear similar extremely loud rap or hip-hop noise coming from many blocks away, for hours.  I am amazed people living closer don’t complain.  Having loud music in a club is one thing–there is an appropriate time and place for this–but this isn’t it.

I realize that there is a cultural element to my irritation.  I’m white and in my 50s.  I don’t like rap.  I don’t like excessive noise in my neighborhood of any kind.  But I would also be irritated by rock or R&B that was this loud.   I find it rude and totally disrespectful.   Much as I find the idiots (white and black) who drive around with usually filthy rap music blaring so loud it shakes other cars and buildings.

So, am I too thin-skinned?  Should I “respect” the others’ need for this kind of “music”?  Or do you agree?  If you do, call the police when you are as iritated as I am.  Maybe if enough people call they will actually respond.  I doubt if they will tonight.


Crime committee minutes, 12/10/2008

At yesterday’s (Wed 12/10/2008) CRNA crime committee meeting, the majority of our time was spent in a fruitful conversation with Karen Celestan, the newly hired Manager of Community Relations and Policy in Tulane University’s Office of Government Affairs (kcelesta@tulane.edu).

Ms. Celestan recently spoke with the CRNA Board, so we focused the conversation on crime issues. There are several Tulane resources that our neighborhood can tap into for anti-crime efforts:
•    Drug hot spots – If you see clear signs that it is a Tulane student buying drugs, you can forward the license plate number, pictures on cell phones, etc. to Tulane Police (TUPD) and they may be able to track the student down and give them a warning. If you start to notice pattern – ie, the students buy on Thursdays around 4pm – that is particularly helpful. TUPD can even send one of its patrol cars. TUPD has authority to arrest Tulane students immediately. Danny Lawless of TUPD (dlawless@tulane.edu) attends the 2nd District NONPAC.
•    Underage and binge drinking – Tulane has recently sent warning letters to the Frat House (Willow) and Pat Fanny’s (Maple) and has plans to push the Alcohol & Control Board to send agents down from Baton Rouge for more enforcement and busts. Tulane EMS will pick up intoxicated Tulane students who are unable to drive themselves home. P. Boxbrow raised the excellent point that enforcement can feel Sisyphean – busts have to be done again and again, with seemingly no results, but in the end it does work.
•    Off-campus apartments – Tulane is in the process of developing a legal document, a “pledge” contract between students and landlords modeled after a program at Vanderbilt University. They hope to reduce the number of students who are lousy tenants and landlords who are slumlords. Since many Tulane students live in our area, this is an interesting development to keep an eye on.
•    Community Service requirement – If we are interested in involving Tulane students in non-profit projects in our neighborhood, the person to contact is Vincent Ilustre (vilustre@tulane.edu).

Other matters discussed at CRNA-CC’s 12/10 meeting included:
–    Our next CRNA-CC meeting is on Wed 1/14/09 will probably be held in a private residence.
–    In January, we’ll talk more about a possible small anti-crime rally in Palmer Park.
–    CRNA-CC will begin to network with other Carrollton area anti-crime groups to share information and coordinate efforts.
–    An interesting possible volunteer opportunity to help NOPD 2nd District complete its police reports has opened up. E. Leyda is pursuing further.
–    M. Dewitt Dukes is continuing her crime prevention education efforts, following up on the success of our table at the November 2008 Po-Boy Festival on Oak Street.
–    CRNA-CC is still trying to obtain information about the 1935-37 Cambronne murder, namely its status in the criminal justice system. A reminder: Nola.com posts detailed information about each murder that takes place in New Orleans at: http://www.blog.nola.com/murders/
–    We will begin to get better acquainted with Major Bruce Little of the 2nd District, as well as Angel Varnado of the DA’s Office and D. Langhoff of Fielkow’s Office, who liaison on a regular weekly basis with the 2nd District NOPD.

Upcoming crime meetings:
•    Tue 12/16/2008, 7pm – NONPAC (New Orleans Neighborhood Police Anti-Crime Council) at Touro Hospital, community conference room. For further info, email Major Little at blittle@cityofno.com
•    Wed 12/17/2008, 10am – City Council Criminal Justice Committee, City Council Chamber. For further info, email: NHVanDyke@cityofno.com

SNOLA: Snowman in Palmer Park

SNOLA: Snowman in Palmer Park

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Snowman at Palmer Park, December 11, 2008

Board meeting minutes – Dec 12, 2008

CRNA Board Meeting – Minutes
December 12, 2008

Attending—Board:  Pax Bobrow,  Betty DiMarco, Tilman Hardy, Julianna Padgett, Amanda Smithson, Jerry Speir and Jim Stratton

Absent Board Members:  Marilyn Barbera , Kevin Brown, Gordon Cagnolatti, Rodney Dionisio, Rudolf Garrison, Marshall Hevron, Todd Leavitt, Judith Miranti, Gary Smith,  Llewelyn Soniat, Betsy Weymann

Residents/Guests:  Cindy Morse

Cindy Morse reported several new members as a result of our most recent newsletter—and numerous compliments on the membership forms about how much people appreciated the newsletter.  Kudos to Pax Bobrow who created it, sold the ads, and got it printed and distributed (with help from lots of folks on that last task).

Betty DiMarco reported on a recent “Restorative Listening Circle” meeting that she hosted, attended by several board members.  This is a community-building process designed to build new relationships and levels of trust within our community.  Betty, Julianna Padgett and Tilman Hardy will provide recommendations for future such meetings and guidance on these issues.

Tilman reported that the Leonidas House group is developing an “action plan” and seeking community input on specifics of the program that is expected to provide after-school and summer opportunities for neighborhood youth in the elementary and middle-school years, initially, with later expansion to high-schoolers.  The group is meeting on “second Tuesdays.”  The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 13, at 5:30, at Keller-Williams, 8601 Leonidas.

The Crime Committee recently met with Karen Celestan, Manager of Community Relations and Policy in Tulane University’s Office of Government Affairs.  Among other initiatives, Tulane has recently written letters to the Frat House, among others, about under-age and binge drinking problems, and promises to involve the state alcohol control board as necessary to address the problem.  Residents who have clear evidence of Tulane students involved in drug activities are encouraged to contact Danny Lawless with the Tulane University Police Department at dlawless@tulane.edu  Mary Dukes has been leading crime education efforts, including at a table at the recent Po-Boy Festival.  The committee’s next meeting will be January 14; contact chair Alice-Anne Krishnan for details at tarpsnola@yahoo.com  The group also continues to develop a relationship with NOPD and our new Second District commander, Major Little.

Julianna, Betty and Tilman reported on a recent meeting that they attended concerning the possibility of developing an Office of Neighborhoods within City Hall.  A document is expected soon detailing the questions, concerns and recommendations concerning such an office.

Jerry reported that the new Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance process continues apace, with some initial drafts of what will actually be proposed expected within the next few months.  He also reported that the Carrollton-Audubon Renaissance, Inc. (CARI) process to generate a land-use plan specific to Carrollton is close to finishing its initial data-gathering phase and CARI expects to host a series of meetings in the next few months for community input into that plan, which will then be incorporated into the citywide process.

Next board meeting:  Thursday, January 8, 7:00 p.m.,  Keller-Williams, 9601 Leonidas

Crime Committee meeting this Wednesday

Place:  The Keller-Williams Office, 8601 Leake Avenue, corner of Leonidas/Freret, across from Mat and Naddie’s restaurant.
Note: You will need to be buzzed in in order to enter. There will be a sign on the door for latecomers.

Time: 6-8 PM

Agenda: Open discussion

Guest: Karen Celestan, Manager of Community Relations and Policy at Tulane University will be at our meeting to introduce herself to us and explain the role of her new position at Tulane. This is also a good opportunity for us to express our concern about the visible presence of Tulane students commuting to crime hot spots in our neighborhood like Dante/Willow to buy drugs.

Click on the Crime Committee Page (in the Pages list on the top right side of this screen) for more information about the crime committee.