Dante/Jeannette murder

It apparently occurred at 11:00 AM.  A suspect was quickly arrested.

“New Orleans Police Officer Shereese Harper said investigators were able to apprehend the suspect quickly because of the ‘diligent work of the Homicide Division and outstanding citizen involvement.'” 



One Response

  1. I’m happy to read that the police have arrested a suspect in this murder. However, I do have a question about the article in the paper which is a small point against the gravity of a murder:

    The newspaper said that the murder happened at the corner of Jeannette and Dante in “West Carrollton”.

    My question: Where is “West Carrollton” ?

    I grew up a few blocks from where this murder was committed and we called it “Carrollton”. When was the name changed to West Carrollton?

    Is there an “East Carrollton”?

    Who took it upon themselves to change the name of Carrollton and why?

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