Dante/Jeannette murder

It apparently occurred at 11:00 AM.  A suspect was quickly arrested.

“New Orleans Police Officer Shereese Harper said investigators were able to apprehend the suspect quickly because of the ‘diligent work of the Homicide Division and outstanding citizen involvement.'” 



NOLA SMS Crime Alert Network – Now Available for the Carrollton Area

NOLA SMS Crime Alert Network – Now Available for the Carrollton Area


The SMS (text message) based Crime Alert notification network allows community members to warn other community members of recent and/or in-progress crimes. Timely warnings can help community members steer clear of “hot spots”, be aware of suspicious characters in the area, help track stolen vehicles and items and track patterns of crime. While the Crime Alert Network does not address the roots of the current crime problems, it is the hope that this network will help keep people a little bit safer, provide the community with all too often unreported details of crimes, and become an independent log of crimes that occur in our city.

A copy of all SMS Crime Alerts will be forwarded to NOPD and a multitude of other public officials on a weekly basis and will also be archived on the NOLA SMS website, http://www.nolacrimealerts.com/