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Paving news: Carrollton: We’ve just learned, at a meeting on Tuesday night, that the re-paving of Carrollton Avenue, from St. Charles to the I-10, will begin on MONDAY.  Essentially, the project will remove and replace the top two inches of asphalt—plus replace all curbs and sidewalks.  A designated “bike lane” will also be added.  Where the sub-surface concrete must be repaired, traffic will need to be blocked while the concrete cures.

In response to numerous questions, the contractor assured the audience that trees will be protected.  Their contract with the city requires a city arborist to approve any interaction with the trees or their roots.  It was suggested that roots might be ground down in a few cases, but only under the supervision of an arborist.

The project will begin at St. Charles on the lakebound lanes, taking up half the surface.  At I-10, the machine will come back down the riverbound lanes, removing half that surface.  That will be repeated for the remaining half of the surface, then twice more as the new asphalt is laid.  The contractor has 150 days to complete the job, after which he begins to lose money.

Claiborne: We have also only recently learned details of a much more extensive repair project on Claiborne Avenue.  This will involve rebuilding the drainage “canal” that runs under the Claiborne neutral ground—from the parish line to Lowerline—converting two 13’ X 19’ concrete box culverts to one 12’ X 30’ concrete box culvert (roughly a 50% increase in capacity).  In total, 140 trees and 66 shrubs will be removed from the neutral ground to facilitate the digging.  There is a promise to re-plant, but a similar project on Claiborne from Nashville to Louisiana was completed before Katrina and the neutral ground has still not been re-planted.

The portion of the project between the parish line and Leonidas is scheduled to begin some time this spring—and is presently projected to continue until 2013!  The Leonidas to Lowerline portion is scheduled to begin in 2011—and is projected to end in 2016!

Though we have a vibrant new committee structure (see below), we do not presently have a committee whose task is to oversee such projects on behalf of the neighborhood.  Anyone out there motivated to help?  Anyone?  If so, please contact me directly.  And thanks.

Meetings: New Orleans Citizen Participation Project (CPP) Forum  — Saturday (TOMORROW), January 16th at the Urban League, 2322 Canal, 9:30 – 12:00,  to review several options for a formalized citizen participation project also known as CPP. A CPP, which is now mandated by law, is a formal structure that gives residents greater input with local government officials in the decision-making process on important issues such as zoning, land use, and budgetary spending. The forum will provide information on the various proposals for the new CPP structure and will gather feedback from the community. Come and get informed and make sure your recommendations for our new civic structure are heard!

For more information, see


These are our new committees for the year and their chairs/convenors.  We’d be VERY pleased to have your participation in one or more of these efforts. Leave a comment to this post for more information:

Blight, Byron Johnson

Communications, Pax Bobrow

Education, Ariel Wallick Dorfman

Priestley School site, Anne Nicolay

Safety/Crime, Liz Reed

Sustainability, Andreas Hoffman

Zoning/Land Use, Betsy Weymann and Marilyn Barbera

HaitiMany are asking how to be of help to those presently suffering from the latest natural disaster in Haiti.  Board member Pax Bobrow reports that a friend who has worked extensively in Haiti believes the following organizations to be particularly effective:

Partners in Health Haitian Association for Human Development

We also understand that a group of New Orleans doctors are going to Haiti next week, and dried/canned goods and money are being collected through Lusher school as part of that effort.

A friend who works at Whole Foods also tells me that they have partnered with Food for the Poor (a Miami nonprofit) and that monetary contributions can be made at any register at the store(s).

Hope to see you at future meetings.

Jerry Speir, President

Carrollton/Riverbend N’hood Assoc.  (CRNA)


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  1. Thanks for this update.

  2. I’m a resident and I’d like to attend a meeting. Where can I find more information?

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