Zoning & land use committee meeting March 4

Cell tower, zoning, etc. – Our newly re-forming Zoning and Land-Use Committee will meet at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday evening, March 4, in the basement of 1225 Dublin, a house on the Mater Dolorosa property.

T-Mobile has proposed to erect a 120’ cell phone tower on the Entergy property between the Chevron station and the streetcar barn on Willow St.  It is a defunct Entergy site.  The City Planning Commission denied their request (after neighbors complained that we’d been given no information about the proposal.)  The Commission’s Staff Report indicated that things could be done to “mitigate” the eyesore, but none of those have been deemed effective or acceptable to the neighborhood.

At our last board meeting, CRNA heard the proposal from T-Mobile representatives and voted against the proposal. At the same time there were various suggestions for a better use of the land.  The matter is presently on appeal to the City Council — on its March 11th agenda.

At the Thursday meeting, the Council meeting will be discussed, as well as the best approaches to petition Entergy for a better use — and exploring ideas identifying various entities for collaboration, support, etc.  Other topics for future meetings will also be discussed.

To enter the meeting site: You can park in the lot behind Mater Dolorosa, but NOTE that the meeting is NOT in the cafeteria.  You can enter the basement of 1225 Dublin either at the rear, through a gate from the parking lot, or by knocking on the basement’s front door.

For more information, contact Co-chairs Marilyn Barbera at malynbarbara@msn.com or Betsy Weymann at eweymann@cox.net.


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