Neighborhood Participation Plan for Land Use Actions

The City Planning Commission invites you to the initial meeting about the establishment of a Neighborhood Participation Plan for land use actions. The meeting will be held Thursday, December 15, 6pm – 8pm at Grace Episcopal Church, 3700 Canal Street.

The purpose of the Neighborhood Participation Plan (NPP) will be to fulfill the mandate of the City Charter, which calls for a system of organized and effective neighborhood participation in land use decisions. The core focus of the NPP will be to provide all neighborhoods with timely notification of and a meaningful opportunity to comment on proposals subject to public review and CPC action such as:

a. Amendments to the Master Plan;
b. Zoning Changes, Conditional Uses, Planned Developments, and Variances; and,
c. The City’s Capital Budget Program.

The City Planning Commission envisions a sensible system for organized and effective neighborhood participation and looks forward to public input as the NPP is developed.

For more information about the December 15th meeting please call the City Planning Commission office at 504-658-7033.

We would like you to forward this information to your neighbors, family and friends. Let’s get everyone involved.


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