Community Garden Work Day – Saturday, September 8th

The First Saturday Workday was not so much rained out but overshadowed by a hurricane, a loud and blustery guy named Isaac. So, this Saturday, September 8th will be our first, First Saturday Garden Workday of the new School Year. Put it on your calendar and let’s all get out and help get the garden under way for the children. Below are the details for the garden and IF it rains….let’s work in the rain if it is a nice easy rain which is cooler than 90 degree humidity. Come rain or shine.

Community School Yard Garden Workday

Saturday, September 8th
8a.m. – 11a.m.*

weeding, trimming, general cleanup,
restaking trees, replacing sign
replacing bench and potting table tops
If time, turning the beds over

hat, gloves, cool clothes

Hand tools, clippers
friends, family and neighbors

*we will work no later than 11a.m. or until it gets too hot. Come when you can and stay as long as you can


At this time we do not have a gardener due to two major problems, our source of a Young Adult Volunteer (an AmeriCorps type groups) was unable to fill the position and secondly we do not have sufficient funds for a full time person and the storm has set us back in working with the school to come up with a reasonable alternative. Be not dismayed, we will continue and we will have a gardener; just hang in with us for a bit.
Our alternatives seem to fall into one of two possibilities: first, a part time person who can organize the program, working with the teachers and community volunteers. Second, find about $10,000 more for a full time gardener. Both are heavy challenges.
Corporate sponsors would be welcomed. We will have to get out a make a concerted effort to secure donations to provide some sustainable income.

Mary DeWitt Dukes
917 Joliet St
New Orleans, La 70118


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