Education Update Meeting – Monday, September 10th

This coming Monday, Sept 10th at 5:30PM, Carrollton United will met at the St John Baptist Church on
Panola and Leonidas streets. The subject will focus on the work that Citizens for 1 is doing on behalf of Orleans Parish and what the state of education is for our community. We will have a special guest, Janet Bean (a special friend of mine for many years) who heads up the Citizen for 1 committee of education. Janet and her committee have lobbied in Baton Rouge on behalf of education and have had some success. Let’s get out and hear what is really happening in education from the person who knows and who will tell us the truth. After Janet has had a chance to talk, we will have time for her to answer our questions and hear our concerns. Let’s support those who support us.
I hope to see you on Monday Night

I hope that all of you sustained nothing more than limited damage in the storm and are recovered or on the road to recovery.

Mary DeWitt Dukes
917 Joliet St
New Orleans, La 70118


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