Next CRNA Meeting: 14 Jan 2021

Our first meeting of the new year (!) will be 14 January at 6:30. We usually end at 8:00, at the latest, but may wrap up earlier. If you have topics or questions you’d like addressed or would like to bring up, email me ASAP at

Draft agenda thus far:

  1. District A Councilmember Joe Giarusso will give us an update and talk about property tax bills.
  2. Brandon will explain new Energy Smart Program details (new savings incentives that can benefit renters and homeowners, as well as a new online market).
  3. I’ll talk about my ideas for CRNA’s 2021, including re-starting glass recycling collection once a month, and will ask for yours.
  4. Neighborhood Liaison Stephen Mosgrove will join us.

I will post an agenda and the Zoom info this weekend, after I subscribe to Zoom. 🙂


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