About SWB construction, near Leonidas at Spruce

Thanks to Liza Sherman and Betty Dimarco for getting answers from Courtney at SWB about the construction going on at SWB property near Leonidas at Spruce.

Courtney Barnes, Director of SWB Communications, says, “The good news is that you will not have a Turbine for a neighbor but being in close proximity to the Carrollton Water Plant can be a bit noisy at times. And for that we apologize. The construction your referencing is taking place in order to “winterize” Turbine 6 which will allow us to use that piece of equipment in freezing weather. The pile driving part of the project is now complete. The pilings will be used to create a structure that will hold a heater skid and a transformer. I asked our engineering team about the noise level once the additional equipment is installed. The skid is basically a heater with a pump/motor on it which will not be very noisy. The transformer has a 58 dB sound level. For comparison, a normal conversation is considered the standard 60 dB.”


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