Duck Family & Trees at 914 Dante

Spider shared this yesterday. Thanks, Spider!

“Everyone in the hood watched Mama duck from the time she first nested in a hollowed out stump at the back corner of the property. A healthy sign of Spring. Viewed from one of our rooms, we have quietly observed her lay the eggs, hatch them, and walk all ten babies the two block trek to the river ! When you were in the yard taking your lovely pictures, Elaine, I was sad that you had just missed their fuzzy exodus by merely one day. I’m a musician, so I wrote 2 songs about them over the last couple months.

I hope ducks will be ducks and all eleven of them return to this spot again next year. I may want to compose some more happy variations on this theme at that juncture. Oh….. I’ve also come to realize these last three years of staring down onto the garden property from my kitchen window every daybreak…..on this side of the street, for just this one block, there are only 8 trees ! For the whole block !!! One is in the back yard behind the Church’s Community House on the corner, and the other 7 are on the property in question.”


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