March 2021 CRNA Board Minutes

CRNA Meeting Minutes

11 March 2021

6:30: Minutes

6:45: Councilmember Joe Giarusso

7:00: Sewerage and Water Board


CRNA Board: Nicole Bouie, Tammy Butler, Bernard Guste, Bill Ives, Elaine Leyda, Melissa Lilly, Julianna Padgett, Nathan Schwam, Gwen Smith

Residents: Debra, Grace, Meagan, Teresa Bode, Emily Bullock, Will Davis, Megan Douglas, Taslim van Hattum, Chelsea O’Lansen, Amanda Rizzo, Dave Thomas

Guests: CM Joe Giarusso, Claire Byun, NEO: Stephen Mosgrove; Sewerage and Water Board:Supt Ron Spooner, Comm Dir Courtney Barnes, Amy Shashar; NOPD: Edgar Staehle; Advocate: David Hammer, A. Thornhill. Alliance for Affordable Energy: Logan Burke

Councilmember Joe Giarusso

  • Vaccinations available throughout the city
  • Utility Committee meets next week. Topic: Entergy
  • the shedding event over MG/weather issues which went from 27MW to 81MW, maybe more like 100MW. Claim is computer glitches.
  • S&WB is developing flexibility with Entergy
    • $1.3B lawsuit against Grand Gulf Nuclear Power Plant for “imprudent operation” and subpar performance.
  • Public Works Committee: Working with S&WB about billing, infrastructure and communication with the public
  • Doubles to Dormitories: Proposing a motion for the CPC to study expanding the IZD (parking must be included 1:1 when adding more bedrooms) to larger boundaries, cutting out commercial areas, including a homestead exemption, Will be filed on March 25th. 3-4 month study.

Question: Why did Dawn Massey cancel her time with CRNA?  Answer: She prefers to answer questions on an individual basis.

Sewerage and Water Board

General Superintendent, Ron Spooner and Communications Director, Courtney Barnes were asked to address the high level of noise that impacts a portion of the CRNA area, emanating from the Carrollton plant.  They began by stating that they wanted better communication with neighbors and were pleased to be invited to the meeting. They present a powerpoint showing a current system of (old and vulnerable) turbines and EMDs (Electro Motive Diesel Generators), underscoring the reality that the city is dependent on these to distribute drinking water.  In the near future: Turbine 4 is currently out of service and projected to return on May 3. Turbine 5 returns on June 14.  The EMDs which create much of the noise will be used less, and the noise, somewhat diminished. The long-term solution is the construction West Power Complex which would provide for frequency changes via Entergy – but a timeline for that construction is not available. 

By 2021, Turbine 7 is to be built. Turbine 4 & 5 will be phased out.  The noise often happens when a rain event is expected to provide extra pumping capacity.  They are run for 10-12 hour intervals and can’t be stopped.

Essentially, the two requested our patience.

Questions/ Comments:

  • There is ongoing challenges in informing neighbors about impending noise levels. S&WB has been informing via Nextdoor Neighbor and Instagram. Nicole Bouie indicated that the Community Commitment Center could distribute flyers to inform about 50 neighbors that don’t have computers.
  • When are you going to stop damaging our eardrums with 100 decibels of noise?
  • It is hard to have to choose between noise (for us) and clean water (for the city)
  • There is a 2018 report where Robert Lofton had proposed a noise wall.  What has happened with noise reduction proposals? Costs for mitigation are included in the report.
  • Additional concerns with noise in the Southport area

CRNA requested that the S&WB provide the following in relation to the turbines and EMDs.  We were told that they would be forthcoming:

  • Copies of permits
  • Copies of noise variances
  • Decibel level testing
  • Meeting with S&WB when noise is happening

Police Community Advisory Board.  Elaine Leyda has been appointed to this board.  Congratulations!

Meeting Adjournment at 8:00 PM.


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