Criminal activity data

If you are concerned about local area crime here is an interesting blog to visit: Citizen Crime Watch. Among other things, there are links to recent NONPACC reports for the 2nd District. (I don’t know what the acronym stands for.) The report includes a map and stats by zone and type of crime. I don’t know how good the stats are. Zone K pretty much covers the CRRA area.

There is one standout statistic: There were 32 drug arrests in Zone K in March. That’s one-third of all the drug arrests in all of the 2nd District! All but 4 of the other 22 zones had less than 6 drug arrests. The second highest was 10 in Zone J (between Napoleon & Louisiana and lake side of St. Charles).

Check out the link to Citizen Crime Watch under Blogroll on the right side of this page.


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