Ugly at Dante & Willow

Dante & Willow

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This is the disgusting scene every morning at Dante and Willow where a convenience store has had these huge dumsters out front for months. In the afternoon and evening the street is full on men loitering with their booze.
What, if anything, could or should be done about this blight on the neighborhood? Any opinions?


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  1. I am not sure but something should be done with the trash and food scraps that are littered all over the streets from the store – specifically Crawfish (it stinks).

    Has anyone talked to the owners of this store? Can they get contacted by the neighborhood assciation? Are they willing ot promote quality of life? Can they promote that the customers use trash cans and don’t litter food scraps. Yes, food scraps are biodegradable, however in an urban landscape they cause fruit flies and stink ell before degrading.

  2. I agree with what you are saying. Not aware of anyone having spoken to the owners yet.

    Another issue is the dumpsters. Is it legal to have them parked on the street like that for months on end?

  3. This corner has been unsightly for years…….The owners tried to change it to a restaurant, perhaps to change their image, but it didn’t work at all. Does anyone in the organization shop there/stop there? I think it would be much more acceptable if someone who is known as a “regular” spoke to the owner….I’d be willing to go along, but have only been inside once.
    I wonder if there are drug sales there? Has anyone watched? I go by often but have never seen anything “illegal” except the “loitering” …… I’m very willling to help but don’t know what we can do…. Cindy Morse

  4. What about Jimmy Delery’s house on the corner of Zimple and Dante? That is the biggest residential eye sore in this community and has been for over a decade!!!! Why is this tolerated???

  5. I have tried unsuccessfully to get loiterers off the corners, but comments from the men who loiter and urinate there after the police have passed and moved them on indicate that they have a right to hang out and use wherever to relieve themselves. I have spoken to the quality of life officer and he has had chairs removed, but the people come back just the same. Some days it is 15 to 20 men and younger boys are now seen hanging out too.

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