City recycling survey

The City says it wants to know if citizens want recycling. They published a survey in the paper sometime last week. See it? Probably not. Click this link to download a copy to print out and mail in.

recycling survey

Yes, mail it in. (Like they really want to make it hard for you to give your opinion.) Maybe you could stuff your and your neighbors’ in a single envelope.

They claim to have a way to take the survey on the city’s website but I could not find it. You might also try to call 311 to express your opinion. Not sure that works, though. Aparently it does–see comments.


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  1. I successfully called the 311 number tonight using the Louisiana Rebuilds website link on in the middle of the page.

    New Orleans Curbside Recycling Survey

    The City of New Orleans is taking a survey to determine interest in curbside recycling. Go here

    Click to access 2008_03_Survey.pdf

    (.pdf) to download, print, and mail in this survey (or call the 311 hotline to respond) to express interest in a city-run curbside recycling program.

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