Important meetings coming up

Jerry Speir reminds us:

First, we have a place to meet tomorrow evening, Thursday, April 3, to continue our discussion about security/improvement districts. The folks at the Keller-Williams real estate office at Leake and Leonidas have kindly offered their conference room. The actual address is 8601 Leake, I believe, and there is a parking lot in front of the building for a dozen or so cars. We’ll start the meeting at 7:30 (there’s an Oak Street Association board meeting at 6:00, at which I and a few others who want to attend both meetings need to appear).

Don’t forget, we also have a CRNA board meeting scheduled for next Thursday, April 10, at 7:00. Details to follow.


Monday night, 4/1/08, there was a meeting of the Carrollton Area Network group, at which Jeff Thomas from Dr. Blakeley’s recovery office (ORDA) and John Marshall from NORA appeared. Highlights:

–New “code enforcement” procedures have been passed
–Willow Street will be one of the targets for a “code enforcement sweep.”
–Safety and Permits will be re-organized, with new leadership, based on a study of other cities
–the “311” system for reporting problems to the city is being significantly upgraded
–a new, public GIS mapping system for blighted and abandoned properties is in the works

To read Jerry’s notes from the meeting click on the page to the right titled ORDA and NORA.


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