Street car T-shirt

The shirt comes in street car green and will be priced at $10 (any size). Details on how to order will follow.

The street car is returning and the Carrollton Area Network (CAN, representing all neighborhood organizations in Carrollton) is celebrating.

CAN Streetcar celebration committee is planning the celebratory return in coordination with the last Sat. Art Market at Palmer Park. So the date for the celebration is tentatively set for May 31, 2008 (we are at the mercy of RTA who can’t decide if they are ready or not.) If RTA can’t get the street car on Carrollton running until after May 31 Art Market date then the celebration will be the last Sat. in June, the 28th.


2 Responses

  1. Yeah!!! I’ve missed the sound of the cars running up and down our arc to downtown. I’m so glad they’re returning!
    We’ll have to watch out now when we turn across the neutral ground. Be careful! Enjoy!

  2. I can’t wait either.
    In the meantime, What does the back of the t-shirt look like?

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