Cars Vandalized on 1300 Block of Dante, Sat 1/31/2009

A citizen of the 1300 block of Dante reported that residents on the block woke up on Sunday morning to find that at least seven cars parked on the street had their side mirrors smashed or in some cases, completely torn off. 

It appears that the vandalism took place on late Saturday night. Residents report that a Tulane student living near the corner of Plum/Dante saw the vandals and called it into 911. According to the student, there was no response and NOPD later said that they had no record of the call. The police did response to calls on Sunday morning, and a report was taken by Officers Vara and Richardson.

The Tulane student did not get a good view of the vandals, but reported that they were white youths, dressed preppy and had a baseball bat. Another Dante Street resident reported being woken around 3am and seeing four boys and two girls coming around the corner from a bar onto Dante, but he was not certain these were the vandals.

There are no leads on suspects and the victims of this crime are now learning that the replacement cost for the damage is ranging $300-$600 per car. Witnesses or anyone with further information are urged to contact our Quality of Life Officer, Officer Eddington at (504) 491-7796.

The angry residents of Dante Street are trying to figure out what to do next. Spillover of undesirables from the corner store and Willow Street bars has been a growing problem. “I think we might be able to immediately address the issue is if the bar owner would pay for a weekend community patrol or security service that would patrol the neighborhood say between 1am and 4am when they are closing up,” suggests one resident. “With Mardi Gras coming up, it is only going to get worse.”


2 Responses

  1. I live on the 1300 block of Cambronne and this happened to my vehicle as well, only months before the incident on Dante. I saw the vandals and they were most definitely coming from a night at The Frat House. There was some sort of big show there that night and people had to park further away than normal. I reported the incident to NOPD and also to Shelly Midura.

  2. Thank you for the further information. We’ll definitely follow up as well. If you’d like to communicate directly with the CRNA crime committee about this, please email us at tarpsnola at yahoo dot com

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